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Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Troop 119 is proud to have a tradition dating back to 1948 of assisting young men in obtaining this most prestigious rank.
Below is the (known) list of the 91 Troop 119 Boy Scouts who have achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.  Their achievement is a testament to their hard work and dedication to scouting and to the parents, scouts, and leaders who helped them achieve this highest rank.  

2021        Everett Weaver
Ryan Kempster
Michael DiMarco
Daniel Chimes
Steven Beil
Thomas Chimes
2018Matthew Chan
Kabir Vohra
Zachary Miller 
Patrick Miller
2017Matthew Drehobl
Ryan Misus
2016Anthony Scelza
Joshua Fieseher
Dalton Roberto
2015A. Jake Miller
Kunal Vohra
Joshua Marrone
Ryan DiMarco
Matthew Bianco
2014Evan Cost
Daniel Kershner
Mitchell Weber
2013Michael Fieseher
William R. Bianco
2012Clayton Henery
Nicholas Pellegrino
Peter Moran
Stephen Drehobl 
2011Paul Benensky
Dillon Ross V
Benjamin Kershner
Peter Keefe 
2010   Nathaniel Marrone
Kevin Goff
David Tudor
David Kriz
Nick Alexander 
2009Howard Benensky
Ryan Tudor 
2006Stephen Rule
Michael Pantano
JJ Malek 
2005Andrew Janke 
2004 Kyle Shirley 
2003 Timothy Cronin Jr
Kevin O'Hara
David Rule 
 2001Jordan Lattanzi 
 2000Sean McGranahan
Chris Najarian 
1999Ian Kay
1998Justin Smith 
Will Farr
Sean Goff
Brian O'Hara 
1997Patrick McCurdy
Jeff McGranahan
Steven O'Hara 
1996Stanley Stralkowski
Michael Ebner 
1995 William Weber
Jason Fischer
Christopher Fischer
Mark Phillips
Henry Cosgrove 
1993Jeff Maslany
Jeff Najarian
Scott Ferry 
1991David Brady
Paul Schwarzer 
1989Mark Varian
Dominic Volonino 
1988 Daryl Najarian 
1987Steve Brown 
1983Charles Bowden
Brian Eidman 
1966Wayne Schatz 
1965William Leber
Fred Wheeler 
1963Mark Reichert 
1960Michael Davis 
1959William Lehman
L. Bosworth Irvine
Harvey Lesher
Michael Scheer 
1955Earl Wagner 
1954James Irvine 
1953Robert Bronson 
1951William Merz 
1948    Fred Hart