PA Volunteer Guidelines

PA Child Protective Services Law

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passed the Child Protective Services Law effective January 1, 2015.

It requires all volunteers, paid and unpaid, registered and unregistered to provide proof of background check clearance information to the volunteer organization, which in our case is the Cradle of Liberty Council.

Proof of your clearance checks needs to be uploaded to the secure Council website for verification.

Since all parents are needed and expected to help the troop function, troop policy requires all parents and guardians of Troop 119 scouts to provide proof of the required background checks. You will need to provide this proof in order to help the troop in a personal way.

Full information is available by going to

and click on PA Child Protective Services Law.

Everything is there to explain what the law is, including this FAQ. Additionally, how to obtain the required documents and how to upload them to the secure Council website for verification. The documents must be electronically uploaded to the database, paper copies cannot be accepted.

Don’t not volunteer, don’t ever walk away from unsupervised scouts,

and don’t leave a scout alone in a dangerous situation.

Common sense, ethics, and morals should always prevail.